Doug Hatch

Hatch Gallery

In a solo exhibition Doug Hatch, who is best known for his photorealistic views of American life, presents his answer to a new aesthetic challenge. Having worked for the past several years in studio Hatch takes to nature to create a series of luminously restful landscape sketches.

Previously working in a controlled environment, and from photographs, Hatch challenged himself to work directly in nature. This experiment, which he embarked on three summers ago, initially began as a study. Yet it has convincingly taken on a shape of its own. In this series, nature is marked by a sense of control and for the viewer a sense of luxuriousness. Thus this series highlights a play between landscape and spectator as well as space and immediacy.

Throughout this series Hatch intentionally chose high vistas. This panoramic view creates a sensation of floating or flying above the environment. For his viewers this creates a feeling of separation; almost as if one is looking through a window and onto to their surroundings. Yet these elongated viewpoints provoke a sense that the earth is actually rising up to meet the viewer. Further his structured use of composition translates into a sense of control over nature and thus an overall notion of comfort and warmth. This impression is further enhanced by the glowing undertones which often emanate from beyond the distant hills. Hatch utilizes vibrant yet sensual tones and their balance invokes a calming serenity which the works are becoming known for.

In the past several years Hatch and his work has continued to be recognized. His recent shows included a solo exhibition at the Wilson Center for the Arts, a group exhibition at the Overture Center, and a solo exhibition at the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences. He continues to live and work in Madison, WI.

Pieces on file:
Higher Ground
1. Taco Palace
2. The Burren, Ireland
Draw Bridge
Summer Sketches 2007: Slaying Dragons
Summer Sketches 2007: Earth bound (SOLD)
Summer Sketches 2007: Painting with the ghost of my child-self (SOLD)
Moment of Clarity(Rock 'N Roll McDonalds), Hand-Colored aquatint, 2003
The Artist
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Draw Bridge 22x 15 image, 32 x 23 framed color woodcut