Bruce Brainard

Brainard Gallery

Bruce Brainard's love of landscapes developed in his childhood while being raised in a small farming community nestled under the Tetons in the upper Snake River Valley of southeastern Idaho. This love was
further intensified as a young man while working in the fields. Bruce observed the surrounding landscape while pondering the meaning of life.

His love of painting landscapes began at Brigham Young University (BYU) while majoring in Fine Art. He finished his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in oil painting in 1988.

After a brief period developing his craft outside the structure of the university, Bruce returned to BYU and obtained a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1992.

Since graduating, Bruce has been enjoying the pursuit of his muse, reflecting the quiet certitude of God and nature. He continues to work with this theme. Bruce is represented in several galleries and his work can be seen in numerous collections throughout the United States.

Pieces on file:
Crossing II
By the Sea
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Pogiarello 10x8 inches 20x18 framed oil